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A Best Kept Secret of Luxury & Performance

by caveatemptor from Providence, RI area

April 20, 2019


Having driven a number of luxury vehicles including Volvos, Audi’s, BMW’s, Mercedes and others, I can unequivocally say that my 2013 Equus (Signature) tops them all in virtually EVERY respect. When I was making my final decision — over 18 months and 30K miles ago — I was choosing between a loaded Audi A8 and the Equus. I took spirited, solo test drives with both cars and it was objectively no contest b/w these two unquestionably fine cars — Equus was smoother, every bit as comfortable, and as refined in most every respect, yet … $15K less expensive. And I am constantly being stopped at gas stations and even in traffic by knowledgeable ‘car lovers’ like me who see the unique Equus badging and ask, what IS that car? It has a commanding grille, beautiful lines, and performance to match — smooth power from the V8, seamless shifting, and a cavernous back seat that every passenger has always said truly feels like an executive car or limo. The only reason for my ‘4’ above under performance is lack of AWD; but I have driven this car thru two brutal snowy winters in New England, and with 4 Nokian WRG3 all weather tires, year-round, it has all the stability and handling you need if you know how to drive in bad weather. I could honestly not imagine a car I would rather have right now than my Equus … and I paid an obscenely low price for it, less than $30K, with a ‘service for life’ dealer arrangement that is ideal. There likely a not many of these left now that the Genesis G80 and G90 are launched, but I promise if you can find one, you will be as thrilled as I am with it!


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