Fuel Cell Technology Is Expanding

Alternative Fuel Cell Technology Are you tired of high priced gasoline for your car? Or perhaps worried about the environment? For years, scientists have been working on an energy alternative that holds promises to change the way we live. By changing the source of fuel for some of our most basic energy-using engines. This newRead More

Gas Mileage Is Replacing Horsepower

Racers Going For Gas Mileage And Not Horsepower Racers going for gas mileage and not horsepower. America’s hotrod scene has been one of its most unique features. A subculture since the earlier 1900s, and most notably in the 1950s. Enthusiasts would spend countless time and money modifying, tuning, and driving their cars. So that theyRead More

Flex Fuel Vehicles Can Save You Money

Save On Gas With Flex Fuel Vehicles Owning flex fuel vehicles gives motorists options beyond high gas prices at the pump. Depending on the fuel’s availability and local taxes. You could save as much as one third at the pump. By fueling up your car with the E85 blend popular with flex-fuel vehicles. As additional serviceRead More

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