Car Buying Services – Real Pricing on In-Stock Vehicles

With the Progressive Car Shopping Service provided by TrueCar, you can get real pricing on in-stock inventory from local Certified Dealers. Using the program’s online research tools, see what others paid for the new car you want or browse an extensive inventory of used cars for sale, all before going to the dealership.

How the Progressive Car Buying Service by TrueCar works

New car buyers save an average of $3,402 off MSRP†

Start your new car search in 60 seconds or less. Know you’re making a confident purchase by seeing what other people in your area paid for the car you want.

Looking for a used car? Progressive Car Shopping Service by TrueCar has that covered too

Browse an extensive inventory of pre-owned vehicles before going to the dealership.

Plus, you can get up to $2,000 in additional post-sale benefits with TrueCar’s Buyer’s Bonus program. Simply report your new or used car purchase from a TrueCar Certified Dealer within 45 days and TrueCar will provide you with the following at no additional charge:

Auto repair expense reimbursement

Reimburses 20% of the amount you pay for up to two repairs (parts and labor) to a vehicle that you purchased using the Progressive Car Buying Service by TrueCar. This is available for the first year after you buy your car, and it pays up to $500 for each of the two repairs ($1,000 total) during that year.**

Auto deductible reimbursement

Reimburses you for the auto insurance deductible you pay if you file a claim for an accident involving, and make associated repairs to, the car you purchased using the Progressive Car Buying Service by TrueCar. This is available for the first year after you buy your car, and you can use this for up to two claims during that year, up to $500 for each claim ($1,000 total).**

Auto expert recommendation

Talk directly to a certified mechanic to discuss questions you might have on recommended repairs and cost, sounds your car is making, etc. Unlimited use.

Instructions on how to report your purchase from a certified dealer will be provided in your welcome email when you request your certificate(s) for new cars, or in your used vehicle certificate. Your certificate(s) simply serve as a reminder and proof of the savings you found through TrueCar for your specific car and dealer.


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