Beginner’s Guide to Selling Cars on eBay Motors


More and More People are Selling Cars on eBay Motors, Should I use eBay to Sell My Car Too?

by Brittany Larson

As internet use continues to grow, individuals and companies now are able to sell goods and services through a multitude of online channels. One of the fastest growing ways to liquidate vehicles, either for personal sale or from a dealership, is the use of eBay Motors.

eBay Motors is an auction platform that connects owners and buyers across the country and around the world. Further, the eBay Motors platform is easy to set up, is a low cost selling solution compared to its competitors, and many buyers are already trustworthy of the eBay process so it beats placing an anonymous ad in your local newspaper. Therefore, if you are relatively internet savvy and you have a car to sell or automotive parts and accessories, eBay Motors is a great place to do just that.

Signing up and starting an eBay Motors auction is an easy process. eBay has made the entire procedure, from creating a username to publishing your car’s information and beginning the bidding process, as simple as possible. All you need to know to create a successful listing once you have registered is the vehicle’s VIN number, basic information about the car, and lots of pictures.

As a vehicle seller on eBayMotors you have two options: sell locally or sell nationally. As a private seller, your best option is most likely going to be to sell locally. A local listing is free, covers all buyers located less than 200 miles from you, doesn’t charge a fee when you sell your car, and allows you to upload a maximum of 24 photos. On the other hand, a national listing does not restrict potential buyers based on location, but you must pay a fee to list your vehicle. If you go national, you must also choose whether to go with an auction-style listing or a “buy it now” listing.

eBay Motors CPO showroom

Whichever listing style you choose, a national ad with a final selling price of $2,000 or less costs you $60; any cars sold at $2,000.01 and above, eBay charges $125 for the listing. Alternatively, charges private sellers $40 for a 60 day listing with only 12 photos, $15 for a 45 day listing with 9 photos, and $0 for a 45 day listing with only one photo. Likewise, charges $25 for an ad to run for three weeks with 3 photos, $35 for 8 weeks and 9 photos, and $50 for an ad to run until your car sells with 18 photos. One of the great benefits of choosing eBay Motors is that if your car doesn’t sell, the fee is waived and there’s a convenient way to renew the listing if you so choose.

Additionally, because potential buyers are already familiar with making purchases on eBay, as a seller on eBay Motors, you already have an element of trustworthiness that you would be lacking if you were selling to someone who merely saw your classified ad in the paper. Customers are going to be more willing to do business with you because they know that in the event that they are unhappy with their purchase, they can contact eBay for support. Though vehicle purchases and cases of simple buyer’s remorse are not covered under the eBay Buyer Protection plan, knowing that an intermediary is available between them and a seller is a comforting thought.

Buyers seeking additional comfort can choose cars within the Certified Pre-Owned program. Qualified CPO cars are usually newer, low-mileage model vehicles that have been inspected, refurbished and certified by a manufacturer or other certifying authority. Typically, a certified pre-owned vehicle will come with an extended warranty, special financing or other benefits. These vehicles have passed a multi-point inspection, been repaired, and been given a warranty. While they typically cost more than a comparable used car, they also give the buyer peace of mind.

To conclude, if you have a car to sell, placing an ad on eBay Motors can’t hurt. If anything, an ad on eBay Motors will only speed up the selling process and get you driving around in a new car sooner rather than later.

This guest post was contributed by Brittany Larson. Brittany works with a number of dealerships who sell their vehicles on eBay Motors including eImports4less.

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