Chemical Guys Acc_3002 Durafoam Tire Dressing Applicator Pad (Pack of 2)

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Superior product application and spread with every wipe
Reduces product waste
Smooth, even application – no dripping
Washable and reusable
Protects your fingers and nails from grease, grime and dirt

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Chemical Guys Acc_3002 Durafoam Tire Dressing Applicator Pad (Pack of 2)

The Chemical Guys Acc_3002 Durafoam Tire Dressing Applicator Pad form to the surface of tires. Giving you an easy and even application. These Dura foam pads are constructed with two different foam densities. It will contour to your tire for superior even spreading with minimal product waste. These pads have rigid tough Dura foam which is perfect for easy gripping.

Therefore, the contoured design makes it easy to spread the dressing perfectly onto tires and sidewalls with minimal product waste. These pads have an easy grip which keeps your hands clean. So no more sticky fingers, greasy hands or grime under your fingernails. These Dura tire dressing applicator pads can be cleaned and re-used as many times as you like. As a result, achieving great looking tires has never been easier or cleaner with these Durafoam pads.

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10 reviews for Chemical Guys Acc_3002 Durafoam Tire Dressing Applicator Pad (Pack of 2)

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    Shawn P

    These save me so much time!!I used to HATE applying tire gel to my tired with a pad that was constantly getting weaker and weaker, and making my hands dirty in the process.This product is very firm foam, and will not fall apart. I drizzled a small bit of Meguiar’s endurance tire gel on this, and spread it on a nice clean tire. It went on SO easy, and only took a few seconds!! It was very easy to use, and feels of high quality. This turned my 10-minute tire job, into a 1 minute job. This works easily for large, and small tires. I usually use them on my sedan, and I am able to do all my tires in a very timely manner.I would absolutely recommend these!EDIT: I’ve included pictures of a worn-out pad, after doing probably 25 sets of tires (100 tires total), using Meguiars Endurance Tire Gel. Take a look at the pads to see how they wear.EDIT 9/14/2017 : I don’t know if these have been changed, but the price is twice what they used to be. These only last 5-6 cars now, and gunk up and look awful after only a few uses. I’ve switched to another brand in hopes for better durability . At this price point ($10-12), these are no longer worth the buy, and I am upset at the quality now.

  2. blank


    great applicators for plastic or trim chemicals, helps go on even and smooth. in their video on youtube it shows them using the applicators on tires. i would not advise this as when rubbing on the tires it slowly breaks down the foam from the rough surface and if you use it on the trim again it leaves little dingle berries on your trim, so either have one dedicated for trim and tires, or find a better applicator for your tires. but as for the trim it is the best i have used. i even wash mine. would buy again.

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    S. Borrelli

    Seemingly good quality tire protectant applicator. Most of these products seem to come apart after using a few times. So far, I have applied to my wife’s SUV once, and my trucks tires twice and my truck has raised lettering on them. Its very easy to apply a shine application to the tire with out getting it all over your hands. Simply spray the tire, spread with applicator and your done. Cleaning it is very easy by just spraying it off and gently squeezing to get dirt and water off. It puts a nice shine on the tire as it spreads the protectant evenly and neatly. This beats using a sponge or paper towel and is very easy and quick to use. If you shine your tires, you need this!

  4. blank


    These worked great the first time I used them on my new f150. However the second time they started to degrade rapidly. I’m sure they’d work better on tires that did not have raised lettering. Luckily they’re cheap enough to rebuy, but still unfortunate.

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    Joel Dalton

    This product worked as well as I hoped. In the past I’ve just use blue paper towels, because i had them out for doing the windows. They’d tear and it took a lot of elbow grease to get ever crack. It was hard on my hands.These were a breeze. I squirted my tire shine on and it took about 30 sec to spread over the entire tire. The tire spray didn’t last that long, but it wasn’t the applicators fault. I plan to try a gel with it. I may even try to apply my trim restorer with the other one i ordered. Not sure.Either way, I think this is a solid product that will reduce the time and thus effort and aggravation I have to endure when cleaning my truck. That makes it worth it for me.

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    Noreen Dupont

    I will say, the applicators I received are exactly like the ones pictured at this time – they have an aqua foam piece attached to the black foam applicator. Flat with a wavy design on them.Used them with CarPro PERL for a variety of different tires on my client vehicles and compared them to the foam applicators available from AutoGeek – these are made of a much harder foam which makes it difficult to get into the grooves of most tires on first application. The more you use them, the softer they get but at the detriment of their structure. You start to get little pieces of foam falling off and sticking to the tires or falling onto freshly cleaned wheels.As they fall apart, they begin to shred and become practically unusable. Contrast this with the softer, but more durable foam from other applicators… these are a solid pass for me in the future. They aren’t terribly expensive, but I may as well get the bulk cheapies and save a few bucks for a similar product.I think I’ll stick with the AutoGeek ones from now on.

  7. blank

    Nicole Elizabeth

    I have always used a particular tire swipe but it has become increasingly hard to find so I sought out a replacement and thought this could be it. Unfortunately these are way too wide for my tires (low profile 20 inch) and my tire shine did not absorb into this AT ALL!! I literally tried to spray it directly onto the swipe (as I have always done) and it was spraying right back at me. Maybe if you have very wide tires that you can spray your tire shine directly on (this is not possible for low profile tires as it will end up all over the rim) this will work for you. I will continue to hunt for my previously used tire swipe.

  8. blank

    Ocean Blue

    C’mon Chemical Guys – you always have great stuff but these sponges, no way !!! The first use with Chemical Guys Tire Kicker Extra Glossy Tire Shine, the black side of these sponges totally disintegrated !!! Maybe I misunderstood the purpose of these – maybe they’re only designed for one use & then intended to be discarded because that’s what I did with them. I used these on my 35″ Nitto Dune Grapplers just before a show & shine and had little black disintegrated pieces of sponge all over the place including on my clothes. I did NOT use them aggressively because that causes the Tire Shine to accumulate in the recesses of the sidewall designs. I actually used them very gingerly to evenly apply the Tire Shine… Needless to say, I threw these in the trash & instantly went back to my old tried & true method of application – carefully applying the product with a good 2″ paint brush that I’ve been using for years to evenly apply the tire shine throughout the recesses of the sidewall design !!! I wish I had taken a photo before throwing them away !!!

  9. blank

    Neil Gunderson

    Product I received is not as described or pictured.

  10. blank


    Over the years I’ve used different types of applicators for tire dressing and never been truly satisfied. I’d have to say this product is the best I’ve used so far. I’m one of those meticulous guys when it comes to by vehicles and recently took the plunge into serious detailing (new 2016 Tundra). Chemical Guys via reviews seem to have outstanding products so I thought I’d give them a try. So far I’m very impressed… but I digress. Specific to this applicator I like the size for larger area of coverage and the overall construction is sturdy enough to be able to hold and apply your dressing without getting it on your hand(s). My only negative comment is that after doing one application of 4 tires, the application (black) side has begun to to degrade… but I have to clarify that I was using the applicator on large A/T tires with fairly aggressive side tread and it is ‘foam’ – I can’t expect too much for what it is. I figure that I’ll probably only get a couple uses out of each applicator under the conditions that I use it. If it were just a clean side wall (i.e., all season/passenger tire) I bet it would last for quite some time. Overall – due to the comfort and effectiveness of the application using this product, I’m sticking with it and will just order more as needed (not excessively expensive). I’d recommend giving it a try and for a small cost you can make your own determination without being out much $.

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