DEWALT (DWMT75049) Mechanics Tool Set, 192-Piece

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Deep laser etched markings for Easy socket size identification
5 Degree arc swing and slim head Design
72 Tooth gear system for high torque ratcheting
Low profile directional lever
Easy one hand operation. Polished chrome vanadium finish

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DEWALT (DWMT75049) Mechanics Tool Set, 192-Piece

72 tooth ratchet72 tooth ratchet

durable carry case

DEWALT (DWMT75049) Mechanics Tool Set, 192-Piece

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10 reviews for DEWALT (DWMT75049) Mechanics Tool Set, 192-Piece

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    Jarrod T.

    First thing I noticed when I opened the box was wow this thing is heavy! I’m not sure how heavy it is because the label didn’t say, but I’m guessing around 45lbs. The case is big as well, 22″x18″x4″, so you need a larger space to store it. Consider these two things if you’re thinking about buying. I’ve included pictures of what it includes from the wrapping on the outside of the kit. I have no idea why Amazon rotated the pictures when i uploaded them, my apologies.These are heavy duty tools. They’ll last forever and have a lifetime guarantee. I have a feeling I’ll be passing them down to my future sons and then they could pass down to their sons. That being said, there may be a lot of sockets/tools in the kit that you will never use, so also consider that in your purchase. I just wanted something with all the drives and all the sockets for each drive. This is the last socket set I’ll ever have to get.

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    Overall, a very comprehensive socket set up to 1″. All six point is a bonus, when everyone else is going to a universal 12 point. The sockets are very similar to my old SK stuff, same diameter, similar length, similar wall thickness…many times I find cheaper sets have a lot thicker wall which limits access.The ratchets are beefy, almost bulky/heavy compared to others I have. Otherwise, it is a nice complete set. All my ratchets are smooth, unlike what others experienced.The bad, I immediately checked every socket to make sure I had a complete set. I ended up with three duplicates (meaning I was missing three sizes of sockets). A long call to Dewalt and supposedly three replacement sockets are in the mail.The case is as well thought out as you can get for a case holding individual sockets. Four latches should keep it closed. The case to me was a selling point, it makes the set organized while remaining portable.Just keep in mind that if you think this is some lightweight toolset you can toss around, this set is fairly big and heavy. It is 192 pieces of steel with sockets to 1″ and big ratchets, it isn’t going to be light. I think it shipped at 37 pounds?Almost a year later and I have bought another set. This one came with all the correct pieces…they are a very nice complete set for what they are. This one will be a garage set…

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    I was stoked to finally get this socket set in person! I ordered the 205 piece set at first but it just didn’t have what I wanted in a tool set.This set covers it all when it comes to sockets and wrenches. You will not need to supplement this kit with much when it comes to sockets. I am constantly working on motorcycles and my truck. There are only a few sockets that this kit doesn’t have that you will need to buy separately but that is expected. I decided that I wanted to get a really good kit of sockets and then supplement that kit with a screw driver set and wrench set separately so that I could really customize what I wanted. The other Dewalt sets came with wrenches and screwdriver options but those are a waste of space in my opinion. You would’ve had to of spent the money on a wrench set anyway with those sets so you might as well buy a set that focuses only on sockets!The set showed up in perfect condition. I know some people are complaining about the quality of the products but you won’t be disappointed with it. The kits that had issues were probably factory lemons. The other complaint that people had was the weight. I will say this kit is fairly bulky and weighs a little more than an average kit. However, if you have an issue with then separate your different size wrenches into different tool boxes. I don’t mind the weight and will carry this kit anywhere I go. I have this kit and a few other tools and I carry them around everywhere. I am a bigger guy 6 foot 220 pounds so if you are smaller and don’t workout then maybe you will have issues with this kit.The box itself is durable and feels good. It holds all the sockets in place even when the kit is being transported. As of right now I really don’t have any complaints about this kit. I am in the middle of a motorcycle engine rebuild and I’m doing fine! Also I use these sockets on a air powered impact driver and they work fine. So don’t worry about them not having an impact rating.If you are on the edge about the set just get it and get back to your projects. You won’t regret it.

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    In the Mountains

    Excellent socket set. Almost-complete socket set up to 1″/24mm (missing a 23mm, which is OK). Much better value than a lot of other sets which contain mostly fillers and not sockets to get a “piece count” higher. Aside from the allens, this is all 6-point sockets. Excellent quality, excellent selection, excellent case.

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    I got this because this has the most sockets without a lot of “filler” tools that I don’t need or already have (it still comes with the Allen wrench set that I didn’t need). I have another DeWalt tool set I got from Costco last year on sale but it didn’t have as much sockets as this one but had more “filler” tools like combination wrenches, screw driver bits, and of course Allen wrench set. This one pretty much has most sockets one will most likely need, although every now and then you might need to buy a special size. This will complement my impact sockets (for use with my DeWalt impact wrench). The ratchets in this set are ok, but not the best. I have better sets of ratchets with the 120 tooth gear system from other brands. This by no means is a complete socket set, but for most this should be more than enough for most jobs. I’m no professional mechanic but a DIYer who do most of my own vehicle maintenance and repairs (except some) and other home projects. If you’re looking for a decent set of sockets, this is the one without breaking the bank. Sure there are better and more complete sets out there but for the non-professional DIYers, this is more than sufficient for most of us and you’re not spending a fortune for a decent set of sockets. These are made in Taiwan. Much would like to get a Made in the USA tool, but I’ll take a Made in Taiwan tool over Made in China any day (of course, tools made in the USA 20-30 years age were far better made than those today). Looks like most American tool companies outsource many of their tools to overseas production anyway. If you’re in the market for a good set of sockets, I think these are one of the best bang for the buck and will satisfy most. The storage case is larger than average and it is somewhat heavier than you usual tool set. I did my research for a good set of just sockets and these came out on top in terms of quality, quantity, and value. After receiving them, I inspected all the sockets to make sure I got all the sockets I was supposed to get (some reviewers report getting duplicate socket sizes and missing some). Overall, I’m happy with these. Only time will tell if they last…even if DeWalt claims a lifetime warranty on these, it doesn’t mean jack if they don’t honor their warranty, which some reviewers are claiming (I usually don’t abuse my tools so they usually last…even some of the cheap ones I bought over 25 years ago are still good and in working order. But then again, even the cheaper tools were made better then).

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    J. S. Rupp

    I already have wrench sets’ screwdriver sets/bits etc, and was just looking for sockets. I was disappointed in the quality of my last set I bought in the store that starts and ends with “S”. I changed the water pump in my rig this morning and it was nice having everything I needed in its place with the socket size clearly visible without having to turn it just right to read the “laser etching”. The ratchets are heavier than most but they are very ergonomic and comfortable to use for long periods. I did receive a duplicate socket but less than 5 minutes on Dewalt’s “Live Chat” with customer care took care of the problem and I have the correct socket headed my way now. Check for duplicates as I read (maybe here) another review that someone had the same issue receiving 2 18 mm 1/2 inch deep well socket in stead of a 19mm. Also one of the sockets wouldn’t snap into the case and would fall out. I glued a thin piece of rubber into the recess and it snaps in tightly and stays in place now. They’re held tightly and won’t fall out if the case tips over (unlike my previous set). Nothing worse than having sockets all over the ground when you have a job to do. The case has clasps on the front and sides so no worry that it’ll open while being transported.Over all I’m very happy with the purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

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    J. West

    This is a really, really nice set by any standard.- This is a complete set, not lacking in anything: it has the full range of sockets and bits, extensions, adapters, u-joints- These tools have heft; there’s nothing flimsy about them. The weight of the drivers make it easier, not harder (inertia)- The fit and feel is fantastic: sockets firmly snap, the release button is solid with a nice tight tolerance, the handles are comfortable- Everything is clearly marked on the tool and on the case- The case locks nicely, secures everything nicely at any angle (I use it open ~90 degrees usually), is nicely laid out, can see quickly if I’ve put everything awayI can’t find anything here to nit-pick, not even price.I do wish they made an impact version of this (all the impact sets are severely lacking).

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    I just had my tool box stolen with a zillion years of bought-one-at-a-time tools. Looking out for tool sets that were NOT a conglomeration of ultra cheap pieces or odd twenty cent devices included just to bump up the piece count, I found this set, and it seems that someone actually consulted experienced users because this assortment has very little in the way of crap or useless “homeowner” tools. I’d say that, with this set, and a new pickle fork, I’m about two thirds of the way back to normal for hand tools.Other pros: no color coding, only three useless spark plug sockets, no tricky as-see-on-TV stuff, intelligent selection of Torx and Allen sockets, good choice of size adapters and u-joint couplers, largest sockets are 1 inch and 24 mm, no Whitworth! Just kidding about the British stuff: they’ve learned.Cons: Personally I’d like some level of tactile marking to differentiate metric from SAE, but other than that: pretty much nothing.Even the blow-molded case seems sturdy, but I HAD to dump everything into a steel toolbox because blow molded cases are just silly.

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    I like it and it’s every bit of a top brand modern power tool, I go with different bands names for certain tools.Owned a 4″ dewalt 7Amp grinder for years and it’s still a work horse. I did catch this one users review that I also think DeWalt should step up and act if this buffer/polisher is to grow from 2425 5-star ratings here.Maybe it would only take one reworked gear to mesh perfectly with the other one and DW gets busy sending them out to customers instead of a major recall. So in 3 years when our warranty’s up mine/yours will still be running strong, mine as strong my 12yr old 4″ DW grinder.That other interesting review: (gives good images and seemingly real facts)SEE – 3-Star rating By SL 94383 on Sep 28, 2019TITLE – 849x buffer is the best on the market. Also a major gear flaw.”The gear tooth contact in the Dewalt 849x model has a major depth flaw where the manufacture failed to set the proper tooth depth engagement. This will destroy the gears and make the 849x useless if it happens out of warranty for you.”That’s proably why Amazon sells this same model of a DeWalt 849X renewed.Their gears that spun the head rotating the pad had a failure during their warranty period (3yrs) and these units are the repaired/renewed ones I suppose. Though at only a 10 dollar break from this new one those that failed it must of happened very early to someone. In it’s new life coming off the shelf and these units still look as grade A new to be renewed and resold.Dewalts not bad about giving you some value for the buck – it’s now up to see how a mass recall would be handeled by DW should this be a fact of frequent gears failure on this one unit or it’s brothers and sisters having same gears used with troubles. Once I get some hands on time using it I may have an update to offer.See it this way if you want.Hey, you got three years in the clear to get it fixed should the unit crap out…That’s $60. and some tax change per year knowing that DeWalt has a name to live up to for whoever’s running the top end of it’s management.

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    Great kit! … All if the essentials and not full of driver bits as filler for a higher tool count….. the box is substantial and hefty… not for the…. Dewalt quality through and through…..

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