Craftsman 450 Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set # 50450

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Listed Price: $449.00

3 quick-release ratchets in 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch drives
6 extension bars to extend your reach
191 sockets, 6-point, 8-point and 12-point, in both inch and metric
An array of 16 combination wrenches let you slip in where the ratchet won’t go
A magnetic handle for easy nut or bit installation



Craftsman 450 Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set # 50450

Model # 50450 Ready for Work Make a hard day’s work easier with this 450-piece mechanic’s tool set from Craftsman. From any project as complicated as spending the day under the hood to something as simple as tightening a bolt, you’ll have what you need for the job. This set comes in an array of sizes and measurements that will ensure that you always have what you need on hand.

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10 reviews for Craftsman 450 Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set # 50450

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    Elias B.

    Great tools, all I needed for school. Although, more though should be put on making sure, sockets stay in place.

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    Holden Bohannon

    The packaging was nice and simple, all the tools were there. Craftsman lives up to its name on strong and well made tools. Now I have all my tools needed for any one job for most occasions.Only con is the fact the plastic design of the tool box is not strong enough to hold a tray of tools. There must be a tool set underneath that tray you are pulling out to support the tray being pulled out. I usually find myself just taking all three trays out which is fine.Thanks!

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    Evanna S. O

    As advertised very happy with this set, only complaint was when recurved parts where all over the place in box but definitely not a deal breaker, good buy

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    Edward K

    Bought it as a gift for my ex-wife. She was always borrowing my tools . This set was perfect!

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    Joshua Wright

    You get a lot of tools for the money. You will need to add other essential tools like pliers but this is a great place to start your tool collection.

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    This is a perfect kit for a car or on the go. There are multiples of some common bits (T10’s and some screw driver bits) because they will break or go missing. I recently snapped a CV axle in the woods and luckily I had just bought this kit and was able to get myself out of trouble. Highly recommended especially at this price.

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    I ordered 2 of these tool sets and they are great!! Yes like the reviews stated, I had a broken case due to rough shipping. However they replaced it immediately and paid for the return. Very Happy. Manufacturer should solid foam fill the toolbox and place a foam divider over top drawer 4 shifting prob

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    James Eximiris

    Product was purchased via 3rd party Sears and arrived sooner than anticipated (4 days). Case came with everything described, though my only gripe was that some sockets and bits were outside of their slot probably due to rough handling of the package, which was not visually evident. Drawers are very well organized and presented, and can be switched between the three levels to your hearts content. While slots do exist for the sockets and whatnot, my box doesn’t lock then in place while they are in the drawer, which may result in sockets coming out of their spot with rough handling. The toolbox itself is made of durable plastic not too different from the type in some sturdy ice coolers. You can easily feel and see the quality of each piece, which is a step up from lesser basic brands. Each ratchet has a very durable feel and the ratcheting mechanism feels strong and well built as compared to some Harbor Freight tools of similar nature. Definitely a must have for a serious do it yourselfer or mechanic. Has nearly everything you could want for most repairs on vehicles and aircraft aside from specialty tools like snap-ring pliers, vice grips, brake piston compressor, etc.

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    I love this tool set! You just can’t beat it for the money, plus you have the Craftsman lifetime money back guarantee you can return them to Lowe’s. The case is a little bit delicate, especially if you leave it sitting in the hot sun, it gets a little wobbly on the sides. Just be a little careful with it and you won’t have any problems.

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    Ryan Mills

    Great value overall for the toolkit. There are a lot of different sizes of sockets and wrenches, almost anything that’s needed is there. Great set for beginner to advanced handyman or auto repair person.

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