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Cartman 123-Piece Tool Set – Ratchet Wrench with Sockets Kit Set in Storage Case

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Unisex 123-Piece Hand Tools Kit – Ideal for home and garage repairs
Heat treated and chrome plated to resist corrosion
Securely housed in a handy blow molded case
All tools meet or exceed ANSI critical standards
Contains the tools needed for most small repairs around the house

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Brand Cartman


Cartman 123-Piece Tool Set – Ratchet Wrench with Sockets Kit Set in Storage Case

tool setCartman 123-Piece Tool Set

The Cartman 123-Piece Tool Set  is the perfect go-to set for emergency DIY tasks around the home. Varied Essentials The array of tools on offer has been carefully selected to include all the crucial tools needed for everyday home repairs and maintenance. From cutting to tightening, measuring to hammering, your DIY requirements are covered with this comprehensive tool kit. Storage and Organization One of the most frustrating aspects of home DIY is finding the tool you need, usually right at the bottom of a cluttered tool box.

Well with the Cartman 123-Piece Tool Kit you’ll locate your desired implement in seconds as each individual tool has its own respective molded slot, specifically designed to hold and organize your tools. All this contained within a slim, hard-shell case that easily slots away into a storage cupboard. All the tools included are manufactured from high quality resourced materials and are tested and approved by experts, ensuring great value for money.

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10 reviews for Cartman 123-Piece Tool Set – Ratchet Wrench with Sockets Kit Set in Storage Case

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    I bought this for our daughter in her new apartment. She loves tools, which has made her a success as an OR nurse, but had always used her Dad’s tools. Now that she has an apartment of her own and is putting things together, I bought her this tool box as a birthday present. It was fun to see her examine each tool in the box carefully and figure out how each one worked before she dug into her birthday cake. The selection of tools is quite complete for the occasional handy woman’s usage., and is all packed together ingeniously. I recommend this tool set for everyday chores around the house.

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    This is a great priced starter kit for a new home that has everything you could possibly need. Standard screwdriver heads, hex heads so you don’t have to use the stupid key that’s included when assembling furniture. Tape measure is 12 ft so long enough for most household tasks. Also has a level for hanging pictures, a hammer, and wrenches.Only issue is the case is a little flimsy/cheap plastic. The bottom latch won’t stay attached but it still closes fine and everything fits without cramming it shut.

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    Nicholas Bryan

    So the “1 click” button finally bit me. This came to my doorstep and I had NO idea where it came from. My roommate had been asking about a super basic tool kit to be had cheaply. I guess I ordered it while scrolling. I have 6 full size tool chests (yes, standing ones) full and literally top of the top of the line tools. Yet I didn’t send this one back. Here’s why -I use a lot of tools. More even than most professionals. I’m a general contractor at work, and a woodworker and gunsmith and all around tinkerer at home.Why do I recommend this set to anyone who won’t desperately miss $20? Because these tools are just under the par of the basic/ok big box store regular tools. I’ve probably received 10-20 tool kits with cheap-from-China true junk. Like the kind that a lot of times won’t even get you by in a pinch. This is not that. I would describe these as a perfect homeowners kit. The steel in these tools is impressively hard, particularly in the bit set. I broke, damaged, or generally rendered unusable 6 screwdrivers in the month of April. The bit set included with this is higher quality and harder than any no-name brand you’ll find. The Allen wrenches are slightly less hard than most of my others, but by design, Allen keys aren’t going to take on too much damage.For a homeowner that sticks to putting together furniture, hanging things, maybe a little appliance work, etc, you can’t go wrong here. If you know what you’re doing you could even do a bit of light duty mechanic work. Add a drill and a saw and you’ve got some incredible versatility here.This kit is set up to cover as many bases as possible in as little pieces as possible. For instance, instead of including a metric and SAE set of sockets, they include the odd SAE size that would be the metric. I wish a lot of my more expensive tools would do this (in some cases). Same with the Allen keys. They don’t include a 6mm Allen key. A common size. 1/4” is typically too big, but they do include a 6mm hex bit which would take its place.If you can only have one tool or tool set for twenty bucks, make this one it – you won’t be sorry.

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    Edward S

    Not high end but why would you expect it for the price? I’ve spent years around high end tools and when I moved, I couldn’t bring my stocked tool chest with me. I needed something to have handy for when small projects popped up and this set does the job. Yeah, eventually I’ll upgrade or send my tools across the country but for now, this set suffices. Perfect for the weekend warrior. I’ve used it to hang my flat screen and to tear apart my PS3 to clean it out. A set that doesn’t advertise for more than it really is and for that I can respect it.

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    I bought this as a “stealth” kit to keep hidden away for those exasperating moments when you realize someone who used one of the “real” tools didn’t put it back–or that your battery powered wonder has finally given up the ghost.However, this little kit has been so handy and performed so well it’s become my go-to for all but the largest projects. No problems to date with durability of the tools or case–just convenience, variety and reliability in a discrete, easily hidden package. 😉

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    Brianna Antao

    I freaking love this little tool box. My fiancé now has a sign in and sign out sheet since he didn’t know how to put things back after using them on the last tool box kit I bought for me. This is the reason I had to buy a whole new one tool box (this one) and now if anything is missing or he doesn’t have me sign off on it, verifying the tool is indeed put back, he gives me $5 … No, I am not kidding. I love this toolbox and it seems soon it will pay for itself because I have already collected $10 from my fiancé. It has everything you could possibly need… at least for a simple female like me 😊

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    I was looking for a mini tool set to use around the house for a few renovation projects. I looked in the store and online. I came across Cartman 148- piece tool set. I usually use craftsman and I didn’t want to waste any money. After researching this, I decided to purchase this tool set. I am glad I bought it. The case is small and can be stored anywhere securely. No worries about anything falling out. It has a basic tool just for about anything you need depending on the work that you are completing. I have used it to tighten up screws, hang boards on the wall, and take apart/assemble a faucet. So far so good. I like it. I did not have to spend much on this. It was at a great price. I would recommend this if you are looking for tool kit to get you started or just to have around.

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    K Nichols

    Gave this to my daughter and her boyfriend as a house closing gift. It’s their first place and, as I told them, it’s handy to have a good set of tools for all those little things that come up as a homeowner. It would take time and money to piecemeal together the tools in this set. I know how many times I had to run out to buy a tool to fix a single problem!This is a nice sturdy set in a great compact storage case. They should be able to grab the case and find the tool they need to fix most any minor household problem. Having so many tools in one case will reduce the number of times you grab a single tool out of box thinking it’s what you need to fix something only to find out you need another tool or an additional tool! (Can you tell that I’ve suffered my frustrations doing this more than a few times? 😉)The tools seems durable and comfortable to use (we just pulled things out and played around with a bit). Over time, they may need to supplement this with heavier duty tools for a project but this should serve them well for years to come.I looked at a few sets online and in local stores but for the sheer number and variety of tools in this set, and the price, this was by far, the best value!Highly recommend this set for your basic household needs. The kids were really pleased to get this. It seems silly but most people get new/first-time homeowners pretty things (and I will when they finish renovations and move in) but this is a great gift that anyone would be grateful to have when some random thing needs fixing!

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    Thomas & Jessii

    These aren’t super high quality, but they aren’t intended to be. They are inexpensive and will get the standard household jobs done. A good assortment, especially for those of us that tend to misplace screwdrivers and pliers all the time. They are surprisingly strong, but obviously not premium quality. A great set for most people.

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    I received a small tool kit 16 years ago as a closing gift and still use it to this day. Mine was smaller and fits inside a kitchen drawer. This tool kit will also fit inside most cabinet drawers. It has everything you’d need, including some nails and a level, which is so handy. The case is heavy duty with 4 clasps that lock on the sides. All of the tools appear to be well made and fit snug in their compartments. It arrives with shrink wrap. There is no room to add a sticker inside with your company info and the outside is a rough texture, so I don’t think a sticker would adhere very well. I bought two as closing gifts and will purchase more.

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