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Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner & Reader Tool for Android Devices – Read/Clear Your Check Engine Light & Much More

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NOT compatible with iOS devices (iPhones, iPads etc) For iOS devices, see our WiFi OBD Reader; This version of our Bluetooth OBD2 scanner and is only compatible with Android or Windows devices
Compatibility – Our OBDII reader will work on all vehicles purchased in the USA model year 1996 or newer; Unlike other OBD2 readers, ours works on all OBD2 protocols including J1850 and CAN
2 Year Warranty – For 2 years you will be covered by our warranty against all manufacturing defects; With a hassle free claims process and friendly USA based support you cannot go wrong
Monitor & Analyze – A must have tool for any DIY mechanic; You can read and clear your check engine light and monitor different vehicle sensors in real time to better locate your problems
IMPORTANT – Please follow ALL setup steps indicated in instructions for a successful connection! This OBD2 scanner does not read ABS, SRS, TPMS, Oil Change or any other non-OBDII related lights

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Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner

Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner

Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner – *FOR ANDROID ONLY!* iOS users, please see our WiFi OBD reader!

Flashing warning lights in your car can be a real headache. Every DIY mechanic out there wants to discover what’s behind that blinking orange mystery, and understandably so.

It’s your car after all, and not finding the cause can create big problems. It can make mechanical issues worsen, cost you serious money when it’s time to fix things up, or even cause an accident…

This wireless diagnostic car scanner is here to take the worry out of warning lights. Helping you understand the cause of your car’s warning signals, this scanner will identify your car’s problem – quickly and simply.

With solid Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility across almost all modern cars, this is the accessory you need to truly understand and care for your vehicle.

Choose BAFX Products – we won’t let you down.

Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner


Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner


Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner

Quickly Diagnose and Analyze Car Problems

Warning lights flashing up like an airport runway? Tear your eyes from that depressing dashboard and connect your BAFX Products Diagnostic Car Scanner & Reader Tool.

See what the issue with your car is within moments, and depending on your model you can –

•Read and clear your ‘Check Engine’ light

•Identify those annoying car troubles before they become serious

•Get readings on your emissions to ensure you’ll pass any tests

•Check you air/fuel ratio •Confirm your O2 sensors are working properly

•Obtain info on a variety of other car readings

Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner

Reliable and Consistent

It’s no secret that many diagnostic car scanners on the market aren’t very dependable.

Either they only work on a limited number of car models, don’t pick up on important issues, or simply suffer from bad connectivity which makes them inconsistent and difficult to use.

At BAFX Products we’ve made it our mission to bring you a Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner with solid Bluetooth connectivity that works on the broadest range of car models.

Put simply, at this cost it cannot be beat.

Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner

Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner

Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner

Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner Works on Most Car Models After 1996

While most competitor’s products only work on a limited selection of vehicles, ours works across a broader range of protocols.

The result is that ours are far more likely to work on your car. And your wife’s car. And your friends’ cars…

Android and Windows Compatible

Who says iOS users get to have all the fun?

This product is specially constructed to work exclusively with Android and Windows devices,

Simply install a suitable third-party app (we recommend ‘Torque Pro’) and get to work!

Can Be Used Internationally

Think this diagnostic scanner can only be used in the good old US of A?

Think again, because it can be put to use on a wide selection of cars in a broad range of countries.

If you want to know if it will work on your car model and in your country then simply send us a message to find out.

5 reviews for Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Car Scanner & Reader Tool for Android Devices – Read/Clear Your Check Engine Light & Much More

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    I originally bought this adapter 5 years ago and it had worked great up until recently when it wouldn’t connect to my wife’s car. However, it would connect to my car just fine. I sent an email to bafx asking them if there had been any updates to the adapter since the one i originally bought. About a day later Mark from bafx wrote me back and said there were no updates to the device. He had me do some tests and then offered to check my adapter if i sent it to them. I sent it to them and a few days later they sent me a brand new one. I was not expecting this kind of support from them for a device that was 4+ years out of warranty. Sorry for the long review, i just thought i should share my experience. The new adapter works perfect.

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    Cynthia Franklin

    Absolutely excellent device. It has already saved me over $1,000. I had a repair shop telling me I needed a new transmission. I bought this scan tool, downloaded a free app (there are many), and saw that the only significant transmission code was a faulty turbine speed sensor. I replaced the sensor myself for $25 and the transmission behaves like new.I’ve had other bluetooth OBDII scan tools, and this is the only one that actually works. And the company stands behind it completely. I am impressed not only with the device, but also with the company, whose owner contacted me directly just to see if I was satisfied. I am.

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    M. E. Balzer

    I hadn’t used this since 2013; at which time my phone was the issue. Hooked it up to my Nexus 6P with Android ‘O’ (I am developer), synced and was immediately able verify that my sensors were indeed “ready,” which if I had done this before I went to the Oregon Emission Station, I would have avoided having to come back since I was not aware if you have a discharged car battery it wipes out all previous sensing data, which had to accumulate again over period of time the car is running, which I guess 40 minutes was not long enough. :(App used in the screenshot is ‘Torque Pro’

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    This device works exactly as it should and for a great price. I downloaded the app they suggested from Google Play but ended up with another app that is free and has no ads called Piston. Piston is digital rather than graphic which I prefer and tells you all you need to know. There are much more expensive devices out there that don’t provide anymore information. This device does not do a couple things (ABS/SRS) that you would have to pay several hundred dollars to get in another device. For that rare or unlikely need you can have it done by a pro, or perhaps Autozone has the capability with their scanners and they do it for free. The thing that is really nice about this device is that it can be used at your own home or on the road if needed in a breakdown. And it can help you keep the mechanics honest. You can download the complete list that explains the error codes and save to a file for offline viewing on your smart device. Or you can get an app like OBD2 Code Guide and search for the error code. It gives you possible causes as well. I do not know how often the database is updated.

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    Martha Calkins

    Works as advertised. It gives my 1999 F150 several gauges I wanted for towing. Specifically, I now have cylinder head temperature, coolant temperature, transmission temperature (at two different locations), and torque converter slip. These are the critical gauges for towing a load close to the manufacturer’s max tow limit. So far, can’t get engine oil temperature — will keep trying.It does not run the battery down in any noticeable way when the truck is left sitting for a week with the Scan Tool installed. The scan tool seems to go to sleep after a while and only reawakens when the truck is started.Works well with the Android program “Torque”

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