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Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor, 12V DC / 110V AC Dual Power Tire Pump with Inflation and Deflation Modes, Dual Powerful Motors, Digital Pressure Gauge

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【Super Fast Inflation】Avid Power AC/DC tire inflator comes with dual solid metal motors, which provides super power and inflates your car tires or other inflatables faster. Suitable for inflating tires on cars, bikes, sedan, midsize SUV. DOES NOT SUPPORT heavy duty truck tires.
【12V DC / 120V AC Power Supply】 AC/DC power switch make this air compressor more useful and convenient since you can use it anywhere. You can choose to connect it with 12V car cigarette light plug or 120V home outlet. Perfect for use indoors and during the travel.
【Inflation & Deflation Modes】 This tire inflator features inflation & deflation switch and two type of hoses. high-pressure hose for inflating high pressure items like car & bike tires, sports balls and more. The high-volume hose for inflating or deflating low pressure but high volume items like air rafts, air mattress, floats.
【Auto Shut-off Digital Gauge & Bright Led Light 】 Preset the value you want and the air pump will automatically shut off when the desired pressure is reached. LCD digital display with unit conversion (PSI/Bar/KPA) makes this unit super easy and safe to operate. Ultra Bright LED flashlights give you emergency service in the dark.
【What Would You Get】 Avid Power 12V/ 120V Inflator/Deflator, 3 Nozzle Adaptors, High Volume Hose, User Manual; If you receive a defective product, contact us and we will immediately send you a replacement unit for free. No return required.

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Brand Avid Power


Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor, 12V DC / 110V AC Dual Power Tire Pump with Inflation and Deflation Modes, Dual Powerful Motors, Digital Pressure Gauge

tire inflator

Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor

tire inflator

For different objects, the MAX PSI that this item can achieve is different:

  1. High Pressure Hose Length: 28 inches
  2. High Volume Hose Length: 19.3 inches
  3. 120V AC Cord Length: 9.18 feet (2.8m)
  4. 12V DC Cord Length: 9.8 feet (3m)

tire pump

Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor FEATURES

tire inflator

Digital Pressure Gauge

tire inflator

Compact & Portable

tire inflator

Neatly Placed


tire inflator

Inflate with High-pressure Hose

tire inflator

Inflate with High-volume Hose

tire inflator

Also a Deflator

Additional information


Item Weight

6.64 pounds

Package Dimensions

12.02 x 8.39 x 7.8 inches


Item model number


Manufacturer Part Number


Cover Included

1* Avid Power 12V/ 110V Inflator/Deflator, 3 * Nozzle Adaptors, 1* High Volume Hose, 1* User Manual

Special Features

➤12V DC / 110V AC Power Supply➤ Inflation & Deflation Modes➤Automatically Shut Off➤Digital Pressure Gauge➤ Compact, Portable & Lightweight➤

Rim Diameter

19 inches



Date First Available

May 8, 2019

10 reviews for Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor, 12V DC / 110V AC Dual Power Tire Pump with Inflation and Deflation Modes, Dual Powerful Motors, Digital Pressure Gauge

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    I bought this compressor as I needed something light weight and portable I could inflate my Jeep Rubicon tires with after off-roading. I was very impressed by the product for the price. It took me only 2 minutes to inflate from 30 PSI to 39.5 PSI each tire, and this is a heavy Jeep with all-terrain tires. I love how I have the option to choose between AC and DC. The price was a very good selling point compared to others on the market for the power it provides. There were cheaper products available, but were mostly DC only and did not meet my maximum PSI needs.The Pros:-Very good cost-Dual clutch motor-Fast inflation time-Comes with adapters for various needs-Digital max PSI level ensures you never over inflate accidentally if you walk away-Compact and light weight-Option between DC (car outlet) or AC (wall outlet). Recommend using AC for bigger tiresThe Cons:-Overheats easily (but does not cause issues)-AC power cable could be a bit longer (I had to use an extension cable)Overall, I’d recommend this as the best portable air compressor on Amazon

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    Just unboxed it and used it on my SUV. It inflated the large tires of this large SUV fairly quickly. I was able to add 8psi to each tire in a couple of minutes each. Device did not get hot like other pumps suggest they might get. I tried to fill up my tires at a local gas station out in the cold and they charge $1 for 3min. I could only get 1 tire to the correct level as you have to flip flop between measuring and inflating. I was able to inflate all the tires in the garage and basically plug and play. I set up the target psi and turned on the device and it was perfect. Just stand and watch. Absolutely perfect. Hopefully it works for a while.

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    Amazon Customer

    This tire inflator is a great companion for my car, which could help save lots of your time to find air when necessary.It comes with a cigarette lighter plug that simply makes tire inflation a hassle free experience when you drive. Just input the PSI number you need and this lightweight inflator will get all 4 wheels done quick and right. It also supports 120V home DC so i also use it at home to inflate my son’s football and basketball.

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    This was very easy to use and it did what it was supposed to do. I filled up four car tires to 44 psi. One of them was quite low. Then I filled up my bicycle tires, I remember one of those tires to be around 12 psi and I filled them to 40. The bicycle tires filled in less than 2 minutes each and the car tires took a little longer. I like that I can read the display, and that it fills the tire to the number I program and then stops… so much less hassle then going to the gas station to fill them. I also appreciate the option of being able to plug the unit into a household plug or the car lighter. I did plug it into the household plug so I think it might take longer to fill tires if one uses the car cigarette lighter.

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    Alfa Geek

    First, let me say that this is my 4th pump in 25 years. I spent at least 3 hours researching pumps and viewed well over 200 of them but found all but a few of them lacking. I needed: a light, both AC & DC, higher pressure limit (>120 psi), auto-stop, and not prohibitively expensive. There was a Husky that attracted me but it didn’t have a light and the reviews indicated that there was a high failure rate in received units. I used it today and it is quiet and fast though there were some quirks not explained in the owner’s manual. Don’t preset the buttons – put them all to neutral positions before you start, set your pressure and then change to high pressure/high volume and AC/DC or it will not run. It is a bit more expensive than some but, as of this moment, I believe that I got my money’s worth.UPDATE 6/6/2020: I am very happy with this product. It is a bit quirky, though.

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    McKay C

    I got this for my garage and love having it around. It is nice that it has a cord for a power outlet and a cord for a car. The pump is easy to use and works well. I like being able to input my needed PSI and it will shut down when it gets to that point. It has an air pump as well for things like inflatable toys or swimming stuff.This is bulky enough that it does not move around a lot when you are pumping like other compressor pumps I have used. The display lights up too which makes this easier to use when it is darker.This is also quieter than other car tire pumps I have used.

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    This little guy is awsome! Don’t have to drag out the big air compressor to top off all my tires to keep them at correct pressure (now I have no excuse), and it works on all my inflatables. It has already saved us time and money. My husband picked up a screw in his truck tire recently. He came out to find his tire completely flat. We used this compressor to air up his tire so he could drive it to the shop to have the tire fixed. Worked like a champ! So much easier than changing to a spare at home. We have even loaned it to a neighbor for the same situation with his truck. If you spend a lot of time on the road, or If you’re taking a road trip, I would definitely recommend keeping one of these in your car. It packs all the needed accessories neatly and is a convenient size (about the size of a 2-slot pop-up toaster). Set it and forget it – it shuts of at the psi you set it at. Easy to operate – a child could figure it out without instructions. Even has its own flashlight and usb port. Great piece of safety equipment to put in your teen or college student’s car. The only thing negative that could be said about it is the manual advises that the inflator has a tolerance of + or – 2 psi so accuracy could be better, so when accuracy is a must, I’ll use my own guage.

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    I was looking for a tire inflator to use with AC instead of DC so I don’t have to keep the engine running while filling up tires. This one fits the bill perfectly. Very easy to use and fills up tires really quick (compared to my old DC inflator). It also inflates/deflates air beds etc., which comes in handy. The LED display is easy to read, but you may need to tilt the inflator. Some say the high pressure hose is short, but in my opinion 28 inch is sufficient. AC cord is 5 ft long.Overall I like it very much and would recommend this unit to anyone who is looking for an AC/DC inflator.

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    This little baby works very well. Some Pros:+ Fast inflating and It does not vibrate like crazy.+ Cigarette adapter 12v+ 110V AC+ Multiple uses.I will update my review if necessary but so far so good!Update as Nov 6 2020This still working I have been using it in a monthly basis.

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    LD of FL

    The features are great and the design is comprehensive, however the on-off switch sporadically worked when I first tired it upon receipt. Upon second use (2 months after receipt), it does not work at all despite the lights showing power. I should have returned it immediately!

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