MOTIUM OEM QUALITY 22″ + 22″ Premium All-Season Windshield Wiper Blades (Set of 2)

(10 customer reviews)

Listed Price: $17.99

Fit for J hook wiper arm. 1 Year warranty.
Solid quality at a low price.
Award-winning bracketless beam design. Superior performance in rain & snow.
Conforms to windshield curve. Blade cover is designed to prevent dirt & debris buildup.
Aerodynamic shape eliminates collection of debris around blade.

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MOTIUM OEM QUALITY 22″ + 22″ Premium All-Season Windshield Wiper Blades (Set of 2)

MOTIUM OEM QUALITY 22" + 22" Premium All-Season Windshield Wiper Blades

MOTIUM OEM QUALITY 22″ + 22″ Premium All-Season Windshield Wiper Blades

Fitment: J-Hook wiper arm type.

Meets or exceeds OEM safety and durability standards.

Delivers smooth, quiet, clean, smear free wiping.

The improved flexible spine design insures maximum screen contact.

The bracketless design offers better resistance to ice and snow build-up.

The aerodynamic design creates down force preventing blade lift-off.

Temperature Tolerance: +158F to -40F (+70C to -40C).

Wiping Durability: 1 Million Times of Wiping

Why Choose MOTIUM wiper blades

wiper blades for

Frameless, one-piece rubber blade design is simple to install. Aerodynamic shape eliminates collection of debris around blade.

windshield wiper blades

Increased durability with the use of aerodynamics and more than 1,000 stress points.

beam wiper blades

A 6 year test of thousands of models revealed the highest performing steel sheet arc.

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Item Weight

11.3 ounces

Product Dimensions

22 x 2 x 1 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



Manufacturer Part Number


OEM Part Number

Bosch ICON Beam, Michelin Stealth, Rain-X Expert Fit, Rain-X Latitude, Rain-X Quantum





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4.5 out of 5 stars

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#19 in Automotive (See Top 100 in Automotive)

#3 in Automotive Replacement Windshield Wiper Blades

Date First Available

March 8, 2018

10 reviews for MOTIUM OEM QUALITY 22″ + 22″ Premium All-Season Windshield Wiper Blades (Set of 2)

  1. Steven M. Simpson

    Very easy to swap and fit perfectly. Instructions on the outside of the box were not real clear for step by step. IE~ in order to install the blades on the snap in U on the wiper bar, you have to open the cover of the wiper blade holder bracket so you can slide them into place on the bar. Once you hear a slight click the wiper blade is on the wiper bar. Now close the bracket cover on the wiper blade and it will snap together in a closed position holding both the new blade and the wiper bar together so it is secure. As to their function, the blades work very well, and clean the surface of the windshield nicely with leaving any residue or streaks. So glad to have clean windows with improved visibility in harsh weather. I would definitely recommend these blades to anyone looking for a good quality wiper blade at a fair price.

  2. Jesus Gonzalez

    Easy to install, came nicely packaged, I like the bend on the wipers as well, I’ll give an update on durability as it’s obviously too soon to comment on that. On another note (not to offend anyone), I don’t know if people are either too stupid or if they’re blind, because I’ve seen some reviews bashing the product for not giving “clear instructions” regarding removal of the yellow plastic protector, but the box clearly states on the box to REMOVE this protector and it’s pretty obvious when the wiper is outside of the box that you must remove that plastic trim.UPDATE (12/26/20):I forgot to add a comment regarding durability exactly one year after but here I am a year and three months after. Wipers are great! After various conditions whether it’s rain or monsoons, these wipers have held up perfectly, I’m very satisfied.

  3. Party of Six

    I saw other reviews complaining the instructions were not clear. See photos. These are the best wiper instructions I have ever seen… and I have seen many. The most difficult part was figuring out how to get the old Trico blades off. (They are poor quality by the way) Once off, installation literally took 5 seconds each.I saw other reviews saying they left the yellow protector on the blades as the instructions were not clear. It is quite evident that the yellow piece is just for protection until install. Also, the instructions clearly advise removal.I did a quick spray of the windshield and they had excellent contact. We are suppose to get some heavy rains over the next 2-3 days so these guys will see the test!Hopefully they last 2 years or more.

  4. Wathan48

    A few months ago I purchased a 2016 Chevy Cruze Limited, which is the older body style. They still had the cheap wipers on them and I definitely wanted a premium wiper, especially living in Wisconsin with all of its crazy weather.I was pleasantly surprised that for the price I paid, these fit perfectly on my car. I’ve now gone through my first fall and now snow/ice storm with these wipers and they are still intact and working perfectly.Would definitely recommend and will definitely be purchasing when it’s time to replace.

  5. D. Monty Jennings

    I’ve started keep an extra set of wiper blades for our Tucson for two reasons, 1st, local auto part store’s can’t even come close to the price we can get them for here with this seller. 2nd, usually the local’s won’t even stock these blades. So i’m not one to beg the local stores when I can buy them here & in a couple of days they’re at my front door.Okay, now for the installation. When you buy the set for the windshield, they come assembled, so you do need to look how they are, so when you’re ready to install them, just look at how they look like. It’s sorta hard to explain but with them already installed, I’ll have to just explain how to do it, then I’ll upgrade this review so I can take a video.At any rate, just look at them, remove that small piece that keeps the the top section together while you’re ready to slide it on the arm. Plus remember to look on the side of the box because that’s where the instructions are at. The manufacturer also has a ruler printed on the box so you can measure the blades on all your vehicles while you still have the box. That’s such a great idea, more manufacturers should do the same thing but hey, it’s their loss right….Since their is a part on top that can snap off due to the fluctuation in the temperature here in Michigan because it can turn brindle, so if you can afford it, do what I do & order a 2nd set of blades. That way you’re never left without a set of wiper blades for the front of your vehicle & we all know that your windshield wipers usually only go bad in the middle of a snowstorm or during a thunderstorm. So yeah, Murphy’s law will take over & then you’ll be wishing you listened to Dan on Amazon. So that’s about it. But let me go over the installation one more time, however I’ll just do what I should have done to begin with.1: Follow the directions on the rear of the box that the Blade Assembly arrives in. They did do a pretty good job of explaining it. It took me all of 5 minutes to remove the old Assembly & slide the new Assembly on the Arm but just slide that new one past that J-Hook, far enough back so you can slide it forward again & click it closed. Between what the Directions state & what I’ve said & you’re in Business. Now last, this is why I purchased 2 sets. Last year, when I HAD to replace the Wipers, it started raining out & I wasn’t at home in the comfort of my own garage… Bummer but that’s Murphy’s Law. & yep, just like I mentioned before, it started to rain but at least I was smart enough to be carrying the new set in the rear storage area of our Tucson….. Enjoy your summer & have a Blessed day. Dan

  6. Michael

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Cuando llegue a la casa aller, estaba ancioso por ver los nuevos limpia parabrisas de mi toyota Highlander 2018 que había comprado, que decilucion cuando vi que el enganche era diferente me dije wao no sirben y rapidamente iba a devolverlos y les di mala calificación, luego de un estudio minucioso me di cuenta que si le quedaban y que yo los estaba poniendo mal, bueno al fin logre colocarlos correctamente y alcansar salir a la calle y probarlos pues este mismo dia llovio mi carro y yo agradecidos, por la calidad del producto y la rapides en la entrega gracias lo recomiendo

  7. Glenn

    Most wipers are very good quality today but they all usually need to be replaced about every 6 months. These are very good quality and seem to compare with wipers twice the cost. I am into my second month and they are doing great! At this price I can easily afford to replace them twice a year if necessary. Hope this was helpful!Warm regards,G. Whited USAF(Ret)Athens, AL

  8. Donna

    I felt so stupid when I installed these wipers. Of course it took me 5 minutes to get my old blades off, even though there were specific directions with photos. They were ordered through the auto department, so they were designed for my specific car.Then I get the new blades on, great. And they have fluorescent yellow blades, how cool! So I use them, and they leave streaks. Ok, no big deal, they are new, maybe I just have to wipe them clean. I drive around with streaky wipers for 2 days, before I finally get some wipe cloths to clean them.So here I am, in the grocery store parking lot, wiping down my blades, and the firs one just sort of slips off in my hand. WTH?! So I look at it. It’s a protective cover, to keep the rubber blades from being damaged! (Yes, I am a girl LOL) So I remove the blade covers, give the actual blades a quick swipe, because that was my plan after all although it was completely unnecessary, and I get back in my car.Run the wiper spray, and the wipers – PERFECT! They are awesome, and if you’re just a little smarter than me, they will be perfect right out of the box.

  9. Luke Thompson

    These wiper blades are super easy to install and work really good. We had a huge storm the same day I received them and they work incredibly well, better than blades that I’ve paid much more for. They are well built and seem to be holding up against even the heaviest of rains.

  10. Jim S.

    I have installed a great many wipers over the years that came with all kinds of adapters, vague instructions, and were generally difficult to figure out how to install them. And without breaking them too.So when I read some of the reviews here stating the same about these wipers I was prepared to tolerate the worst in exchange for the great value of this two wiper set. Not so!This was seriously the easiest I have ever installed if you have the standard “J” arm style wipers. Don’t believe me?, look at the instruction picture I have attached. You simply squeeze the sides to open the clamp. Slide your wiper into place through the hole in the clip arm (as pictured), and snap it closed. That was it. I installed the set in literally less than 5 minutes.Time will tell about the quality but my experience has been that there is really not a great deal of difference between brands. They all wipe, do their job, and then wear out in 2-3 years. Why spend $$$ for the expensive ones.

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