Car LED Strip Lights, 4pcs 48 USB LED Interior Lights

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LED Strip with USB cable for Car TV: The led strip lights come with USB cable, powered by DC 5V, not only suitable for car decoration, but also tv bias lighting, home, KTV, party decortaion. Voltage: DC 5V; Wattage: 10W; Bulb Quantity: 4pcs 48 LEDs, 12 LED/ Light
8 Color RGB LED Car Interior Atmosphere Lights, Wireless Music Remote Control enable you to change the color and adjust the brightness as you wish, also Sound-activated Function allow you to enjoy the fun with the color changing following your car stereo music rhythm as well as your voice
Flexible & Water Resistant, Ultra Thin, High quality Music USB LED Strip Light, can be easily installed in the gap and virtually invisible; Fits Cars with DC 5V usb port and home decoration, tv bias lighting,flat screen tv LCD background decoration. NOTE: NOT SUITABLE for cars or trucks that is 24V.
Double-sided adhesive straps, directly inserted in usb port, without modification. Simple design for you to decorate your car or home a beautiful, exotic and romantic interior. Please keep the USB port dry.
If you have any problems with the product after purchase, please write to us immediately. We are glad to help you to solve all problems

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Car LED Strip Lights, 4pcs 48 USB LED Interior Lights, Multicolor Music Car Strip Light Under Dash Lighting Kit with Sound Active Function and Remote Controller, DC 5V

Car LED Strip Lights

Enjoy Your Colorful Life, Just Start From the 4Pcs 48 LED Car Interior Atmosphere Decorative Light, Remote Controller and Easy Installation. This is the high quality and produces super bright LED light bulbs, and it’s producing intense light over a large area. Clean & stylish LED lights, enhanced the outline, make your car stands out in the crowd.


PVC Rubber Material, flexible, waterproof, anti-collision, anti-corrosion Come with 5V USB Cable, plug and play. Suitable for car interior lighting and home tv ktv party decoration

Remote Control 8 Color RGB Car LED interior light under dash lighting kit

Sound Sensitive Function, enjoy color changing according to music rhythm

8 Monochrome Modes: Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, and Brightness Control

4 Automatic Change Modes: 2 jump mode control, 2 fade mode control

4 Music Sensor Modes


Material: High quality PVC Rubber

Light Color: RGB

LED type: 5050 SMD


Light Bar: 22.5 x 1.4 x 0.9cm(8.85 x 0.55 x 0.36 inch)

Light Strip Wire Length: 2 x 130cm(51.1 inch) + 2 x 180cm(70.9 inch)

USB Port Wire Length: 100cm(39.3 inch)

Warm Tips:

Our interior car lights is DC 5V, NOT SUITABLE for Trucks that is 24V.


Please keep the USB port dry, or it may cause a short of circuit when you use it.


1. The remote should directly point to the receiver box and close to the receiver.

2. Please remove the battery cover before using the remote

3. The sensor has to be put on or near the speaker

4.Please wipe clean the surface of the place before you install the Car LED Strip Lights

5. Please DON’T HIDE the Infrared Receiver, but show it up, so it could receive the signal from the Remote Controller. Please aim at the Infrared Receiver when use the Remote Controller.

6.The remote distance is 16.4ft, please kindly note it.

Additional information


Item Weight

5 ounces

Package Dimensions

10 x 4.02 x 1.73 inches

Item model number



Manufacturer Part Number


Mirror Adjustment

Manual Remote

Bulb Type


Special Features

LED & Neon Lights, Remote Control, Power Folding, USB Port, Color Changing

Mirror Lighting Type

Turn Signal Indicator

Lift Type


Vehicle Service Type

Passenger Car


5 volts





Date First Available

April 18, 2019

10 reviews for Car LED Strip Lights, 4pcs 48 USB LED Interior Lights

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     usband and I installed the car LED lights in my truck in minutes! Installation is very easy and takes less than 10 minutes, once you find where you want to place them. We did zip tie the lights on the front seats because they did not adhere well to the carpet under the seats, which was not a deterrent in using them. Be aware that zip ties do not come with the package, you will have to provide your own. I may end up moving them to a better placement, that may make a difference.The only issue we ran across is trying to place the IR box so that the remote control would be able to read it. We ended up putting it in the middle console of my truck. I do have to lift the console if I want to make any changes on the remote for any function, but that is not a problem for me. The lights can be used with or without strobe lighting. They are not too bright or dull, they are perfect as far as lighting is concerned. Depending on how tinted the windows on your vehicle are, you can’t see them outside. I love that I can have them lit up while driving and they won’t interfere. Hard to see all the colors because my camera obviously didn’t capture them very well, but they are colorfully vibrant!I did not purchase these, I am providing an honest review. This product was prepaid and sent to try and review. I highly recommend this set of Car LED lights if you are in need.

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    Mario Carmichael

    Make sure to get 2 before they go up lol.

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    Jonathan Torres

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     Easy to instal I hid all wire inside the edges of the lower dash only one wire is exposed which is the usb connection but used some clear gorilla double sided tape to stick the wire along the edges to keep it managed the led strips are great they stick well and there lights are bright and can be dimmed or brightened, only wanted the blue light to match my dash but the whole lighting up with the music just makes it so much more satisfying.

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    A Castle

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     These lights are great!In my video I just showed some light settings with the fade or blinking then shows turning up and down the brightness.They get super bright and all of the colors on the remote are exactly the colors that show up.I haven’t used the music settings yet, but all the other buttons work perfectly.The stickiness so far are super sticky and haven’t budged for a few hours now and it’s on a painted wood frame.I also love that the lights are flexible! Works out if you have an uneven surface or if it’s rounded.They don’t feel flimsy and seem to be pretty sturdy and well made.I love that they plug into a USB so no need for wasting batteries!

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    Geek Rewind

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     Changing my review to 5 stars due to great customer service. The lights work great, adhesive isn’t the best but I used some gorilla glue mounting strips and that seems to hold up well, as well as zip ties if more adhesive isn’t your thing. Easy as pie installation and plenty of wiring for my car! Great purchase!!

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    Tricia Pintar

    I am happy overall with the product. Easy to install, the remote is easy to use. Trying to guide wires under console covers is tedious and time consuming, without removing seats… The lights can be set to strobe with the beat of the song or on the words it hears. Color can be static or variable fade. Not overly noticeable outside cab. Definitely add zip ties to secure the under seat lights. The 3m adhesive won’t stay without heating it. Heat could damage the LEDs. Zip ties are not included in the packaging. I did not purchase these, I am reviewing a product which was prepaid and sent to try and review. My review is mt honest opinion.

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    Eddy Lin

    Purchased other types of LED strip only to be disappointed of the brightness and the durability over time. Not all LED are created equal, these are LED type: 5050 SMD which is 0.2 Watt or 26 Lumens each bulb x 48 bulbs=9.6 Watt which is a pretty accurate specification from the description. These LED are the brightest available for flex strip, any higher wattage such as the 5730 at 0.5W, I am guessing would require hard casing due to size and heat. The sound activation is very sensitive, even when boxed inside plastic casing, it pickup the slightest sound so I never have to turn up the volume. The controller is responsive and well built, easy to program. The manual however is written in Chinglish but it isn’t complicated to figure out by trial and error, playing with the remote. Time will tell how long these strips would last and I will be back to revise the review if anything changes. Looks very promising and love it so far, highly recommend.

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     I was looking for lights for my car to make it less of a mom car and a little more hip… these are absolutely amazing! The lights dance with the music! I changed the songs 3 times so you can see how it adjusts with the song. There are multiple options to choose but number 3 under music was my favorite mode. I might actually not put these in my car and buy more for my house. I think these would be great for a dance party.

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    I have yet to test adhesion, cords are long, I really like how they made 2 of the four wires shorter/longer than the other two because that makes most sense. Also really like how the IR Receiver is at the end of a 4″ wire which allows me to hide the box and have the IR receiver stick up by itself so that the remote can transmit all the way from my driver’s seat if I line up correctly – line of sight. Provides many different types of patterns which can change color to sound intensity which is adjustable (intensity sensitivity) but wish it allowed to stick with ONE color when using the ‘change to music’ setting option rather than using every single color changing from one color to the next random color making it like a rainbow effect. I’d like to see it blink/fade-in/out to music but with a single color of choice (blue). I am not a fan of rainbow colors in my bad ass ride. I have yet to record video but I will shortly. As for mounting to subwoofer enclosure, they include a small eye ring to nail it into and I think I will use a round speaker terminal (pos/neg) to wire this up thru the box rather than running the wires the one of my 4 aero ports. The LEDs seem to be bright but is hard to tell when all four are in a single 6ft^3 box with a 12″ x 12″ plexiglass window. I plan on updating more later on.

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    Meagan Conrad

    This is one of the best things o have purchased. It is so well worth it’s money. It comes with a remote and a charger. You do have to have the box to plug your usb cable in too charge it. I got this and put them up for a sleep over and the kids went crazy about it. They all had so much fun dancing in the dark with it on. You can also use it in your car as well. I hadn’t used it for the car yet. The lights dance to the music as well. If your having any kind of party and want lights I would recommend this. It’s very easy to put up and take down. I would recommend getting extra sets if they are being used in a large room. I am very happy with this and plan on buying more very soon.

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