Alla Lighting 912 921 LED Reverse Light Bulbs Extremely Super Bright 4014 30-SMD CANBUS 921 LED Bulbs

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(Set of 2) LED Type: Each 912 921 LED reverse light bulb includes 30 pieces high power & high illumination 4014 SMD led chips. Working Power: 5.5W; Working Volts: 12V – 24V
Each 912 921 LED reverse light bulb is about 1000 lumens, total 2000 lumens for both 912 921 LED back-up reverse replacement lights bulbs. Size: 0.55″ in width, and 1.66″ in length.360° full view angle. No UV or IR radiation
CANBUS error free design easy to use.Built-in intelligent IC driver for better performance.Energy-Saving, Low temperature, Long Lasting.
Use for upgrading the stock halogen 921Y, 921G, 906, 902, 904, 912KX, 912K, 921K, 921KX, 921LL, W16W, 912, 921 back-up reversing light bulbs, interior cargo trunk lights, 3rd brake stop lights, or center high-amounted stop lights lamp replacement for cars, trucks, RVs,etc.
12 Months Warranty. Best US customer service and solve the issues at the first time of working hours. Color: 6000K Xenon White.

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Brand Alla Lighting


Alla Lighting 912 921 LED Reverse Light Bulbs Extremely Super Bright 4014 30-SMD CANBUS 921 LED Bulbs RV T15 T10 906 W16W Back up, Cargo Lights Replacement, 6000K Xenon White

Alla Lighting Super Bright T10 T15 912 921 LED Back Up Reverse Light Bulb RV Car

Alla Lighting 912 921 LED Reverse Light Bulbs

This listing features one pair (2 pieces) xtreme super bright 6000K xenon white T15 912 921 LED back up lights bulbs, equipped with high power 4014 SMD chipsets, 1000 lumens per 912 921 led bulb, total 2000 lumens for both 912 921 LED lights bulbs, especially designed for back-up reversing light or 3rd brake light lamp replacement.

Performance Comparison Between ALLA Lighting 912 921 LED Back Up Lights Bulb & Stock Lamp

Alla Lighting 912 921 White LED Bulb Compare Stock Halogen W16W Reverse LightAlla Lighting 912 921 White LED Bulb Compare Stock Halogen W16W Reverse Light

Left is Alla Lighting 912 921 White LED Reverse Light Bulb VS Right Stock Halogen Lamp

  • Color Difference: Alla Lighting 921 4014-SMD led bulb shows cool white light, yet the stock lamp shows the dim yellowish light
  • Brightness Difference: Alla Lighting 921 4014-SMD LED bulbs is about 1000 lumens per 912 921 LED bulb, yet the stock lamp is about 150~200 lumens, our led bulbs is more than triple brighter than stock lamps.
  • Working Power Difference: Alla Lighting 921 4014-SMD led bulbs’s working power is about 6.5W , yet the stock lamp’s is about 16W. Our led bulbs draw much less current than stock lamps.
  • Driving Safety Difference: Alla Lighting 921 4014-SMD led bulbs extremely super bright 6000K white color will make easily noticed while back-up and the reversing much easier and see clearer behind than the stock lamps.
  • Performance Appearance Difference: Alla Lighting 921 4014-SMD led bulbs also will much improve the luxury of your cars and notability and attractiveness as backup reverse light.

Product Features

Features of Alla Lighting 912 921 LED Bulb 6000K White Reverse Light Replacement 12V


  • High Lumens:1000 Lumens per 912 921 LED bulb
  • Working Voltage:9V-30V;
  • Working Power: 6.5W
  • Working Current: 540MA
  • Color: 6000K Xenon White
  • LED Type: High power and high illumination 4014 SMD

Product Details

360° Output Alla 4014-SMD 912 921 LED Bulbs W16W Back Up Reverse Light

360° Light Output

  • 360° all degrees light output for best light performance
  • High illumination 4014 LED chips


Alla Lighting Super Bright LED 912 921 White LED Back Up Reverse Light RV

360° Light Output

  • Daylight performance is clear cool white color at daylight
  • Night performance shows wide light output area for much safer back up


Alla 912 921 W16W 4014-SMD LED Back Up Reverse Lights Bulbs Upgrade for Truck

Product Dimension

  • Length: 1.65 inch from the top to the bottom
  • Diameter: 0.53 inch for the top part
  • LED Part Length: 0.86 inch for the LED chips part

Product Specs of Best 6K White 912 921 906 LED Back-up Reverse Light Lamp Bulbs Replacement

Product Specifications

  • Equipped with high flux 4014 LED chipsets, each 912 921 LED bulb includes 30 pieces high power & high illumination 4014 LED chips
  • Built in smart current IC driver for better stable light performance
  • Equipped with aluminum heat sink for best cooling during work and longer lifespan
  • Built in CANBUS LED driver enables the led bulbs works during 9V – 30V


High Performance Brightest 912 921 White LED Backup Reverse Lights Bulbs for Cars RV Trucks

Premium Quality

  • Working voltage: 9-30V
  • Built in intelligent contact IC driver
  • Non-polarity LED bulbs, plug-n-play for most vehicles, yet for some European vehicles or the newest vehicle, extra load resistors maybe required to avoid the error code or blinking issue.
  • Waterproof: IP67


Features of ALLA 912 W16W 921 LED 6000K Xenon White Back Up Reverse Lights Bulbs Replacement

Product Features

  • Each 912 921 LED bulb includes 30 pcs high power & premium 4014 SMD led chips
  • Working wide voltage from 9V to 30V
  • High Illumination light performance: Each 912 921 LED bulb light up to 1000 lumens, more than 300% brighter than stock lamps
  • Long lifespan up to 30, 000 hours

Additional information




Item Weight

1.27 ounces

Product Dimensions

1.67 x 0.5 x 0.3 inches


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Manufacturer Part Number


OEM Part Number

T15 906 902 904 912KX 912K 921K 921KX 921LL W16W 912 921 LED backup reverse lights replacement for automotive cars, trucks, RVs, SUVs, Vans

Bulb Type




Mirror Lighting Type


Vehicle Service Type

Passenger Car, Truck


542 Microamps


12 volts


6.5 watts



Date First Available

May 17, 2016

10 reviews for Alla Lighting 912 921 LED Reverse Light Bulbs Extremely Super Bright 4014 30-SMD CANBUS 921 LED Bulbs

  1. blank


    I first updated to “normal” 921 white LED bulbs, the kind that are suitable for interior lights. Those are about as bright as the normal incandescent filament bulb that was in my car (2009 G37x). I wouldn’t bother using that kind. These are significantly brighter… to the point where it might annoy somebody in a dark parking lot, but it truly illuminates better and really helps with backing into my dark garage at night. Very glad to make the upgrade, will probably do it for all my cars in the future.

  2. blank

    Teresa S

    These bulbs are very bright. Much brighter than the original bulbs that came with my 2006 RAV4I live on a very dark country road, so I needed this extra brightness to see when backing out the drivewaySaved me from installing an auxiliary backup lightDon know how long they will last.

  3. blank


    Got two pairs, one for my car, one for my brother’s. Turns out his car takes a different bulb (My mistake). They are much brighter than the originals, now I can see while backing up! It’s a bit cold right now, but can see it working well for temporary area lighting like pitching a tent in the dark or hooking a trailer up to a hitch. I used one bulb from the extra set I as my back hatch dome light (It’s too large to fit the cover over as it was made for a much smaller t-10 bulb, but the wattage is roughly the same as the underperforming incandescent predecessor) and it really made my trunk go from nightlight bright to something you can actually see with. Bonus points for the 6000k white making my car look a few model years newer with that LED look. Non-polarity and they dim relatively smooth considering that they are drop in LED incandescent replacements.

  4. blank


    These really make a difference when backing up at night, not only does it make my rear vision better it also is brighter so others can see me backing up much easier than the outdated old bulb technology. These also make your vehicle look more modern and classy since most of the expensive cars have switched to Led lighting. Search youtube for installation instructions, very simple!!

  5. blank

    Larry L Leesch

    For back up lights on a 2014 F150. Day and night difference. The LEDs are probably 10 times more light and it’s a bright white light, not blue, just white. For reverse lights, these are hard to beat. I would not suggest these for cargo lights on the back of the F150 cab. These little lights put out a lot of heat and some have experienced melted lens. Not a problem for reverse lights as they aren’t on all that long and the bulb isn’t that close to the lens.

  6. blank

    Zachary T

    I bought several different brands of LED’s bulbs that are available with regular flat LED’s, projector LED’s lens, etc….. of the same bulb sizes, and these guys are extremely bright!!! So far, these are my favorite so far out of the many different brands I’ve bought over the years.

  7. blank

    Diann Ashmore

    I used these lights as replacement bulbs for standard incandescent bulbs in my RV. They are awesome! I’ve tried other cheaper LED bulbs that just weren’t bright enough. These are well worth the money spent. I’ve only had them installed about a month and so far a vast improvement over the old cheap LED’s I had. Will update once they’ve been used longer. I am planning on buying more.

  8. blank

    Thomas W P Slatin

    These were a wonderful upgrade to the reverse lights for my 2018 Toyota 4Runner Limited. Truly plug and play, literally as easy as replacing the factory stock bulbs. These are easily three times brighter than the stock bulbs. Very happy with these LED bulbs!

  9. blank


    2018 Yukon Denali…easy to install, great look, noticeable difference when backing up at night. Recommend to everyone!!!

  10. blank


    Backup lights are very bright and work great on a 2017 Ram 2500. They are not throwing any CANBUS codes.

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