Lufi XF Revolution OBD2 Multi-Data Heads Up Display Highly Customizable, Accurate and Fast Response

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Highly intuitive and customizable interfaces with multi-selection of data, more than 35 digital gauges in one (vehicle dependent)
Monitor digital speedo, fuel consumption, voltage, water temperature, engine speed, and many more in real time. Increases awareness of driving conditions enhancing safety
Sharp 3.5 inch TFT color display highly visible under sunlight and dark with automatic or manual brightness control, complemented with Multi-Color sequential LED for visual engine speed indication
Highly universal with most cars including gas, diesel, and hybrid; Simple 3-button operation to quickly and easily access the powerful features; E-copy instruction manual pre-loaded in the unit
Plug and play with OBD2 port, no tools required for installation, place on dash or windscreen; Checks for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and clears the codes.

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Lufi XF Revolution OBD2 Multi-Data Heads Up Display Highly Customizable, Accurate and Fast Response

Lufi XF Revolution OBD2 Multi-Data Heads Up Display


*Compatible OBD2 protocols: ISO9141-2 / ISO14230 KWP, ISO 57654 CAN, SAE J1939 CAN*



  1. FW V1.28F and after supports display of [MPH/PSI/°F] on radial gauges
  2. Latest FW released on 16 Nov 2020 at [Pls use translator as necessary]
  3. An e-copy instruction manual is preloaded in the Lufi XF under User Manual option
  4. ACC wire MUST be connected to ensure proper shut down of unit
  5. RPM redline can be user defined under Warning Setup > RPM
  6. If encounter “Searching Protocol“, unit is not defective. It is likely that the car does not have a compatible OBD2 protocol
  7. Data display is dependent of available data from ECU (car dependent)
  8. Speed, RPM, voltage, fuel consumption rate can be calibrated if inaccuracy is noticed
  9. Using OBD2 splitter to operate other OBD2 devices concurrently may cause error to Lufi XF


Display Data (vehicle dependent)

  • Pressure data: Intake manifold, turbo, engine fuel, rail, atmospheric (highly vehicle dependent)
  • Temp. data: Engine oil, water, exhaust, fuel, transmission oil, intake air, charge air, outside
  • Speed: Average, instantaneous, engine/revolution
  • Time: Clock, engine run
  • Fuel consumption: Fuel level, instantaneous, average
  • Odo, trip dist.
  • Battery voltage
  • Air flow sensor, air-fuel ratio
  • Acc pedal position and value
  • Gear indicator

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Item Weight

10.4 ounces

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4.25 x 2.85 x 3.65 inches


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Date First Available

June 8, 2020

10 reviews for Lufi XF Revolution OBD2 Multi-Data Heads Up Display Highly Customizable, Accurate and Fast Response

  1. blank

    Charity Edwards

    Great product! Would definitely purchase again.

  2. blank

    Kurt Solomon

    This product was easy to install, very customizable and a great addition to the dash. Aside from aesthetics, it functions well and fairly accurately and has very useful features.

  3. blank

    H. Clark

    It was smaller than I thought but when in place it’s a perfect size and it works great. Tach is a little slow when revving, but I didn’t buy it for race truck. It’s in an ‘84 Chevy with 2008 Silverado drivetrain. We were mostly looking for a heads up speedometer because the dash speedometer is difficult to see after we installed an aftermarket steering wheel. It auto turns on and off with the truck too, I didn’t have to use the extra ignition wire. We also used it as a place to mount the microphone for the radio. It’s the only product like this I could find where the company actually cares enough to create firmware updates if there are issues.

  4. blank


    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Has worked so far. This is in a 2014 smart for two pure.

  5. blank


    Works good. I like it but thought if was different then what it was. But it is nice.

  6. blank

    Rex Sheehy

    Looks great – works wellI struggled to turn it offI have a s4 Audi B7I finally found a fuse that switches off with the keyUse the airbag fuse

  7. blank

    George Caria

    Would have liked written instructions.

  8. blank

    Aaron Howard

    This is a awesome product!!!

  9. blank

    The Peelers

    Using this on our 07 solstice deathkart and it’s fantastic! Plug right in connect one wire and your rolling! Love the shift light and all the different data

  10. blank


    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Impressed- great screen, totally modifiable for almost any parameter, really good looking displays, properly written English instruction and has car manufacturer logos to customize your screen! Bonus! Almost zero lag from ECU to display, accurate data compared to onboard diagnostics and bonus two: awesome shift lights that are also modifiable and change colors! It’s not often you feel great after dumping cash into a foreign product, cross your fingers and then are like ‘meh’ when it arrives. Totally satisfied! Hope it works longer than the 3hrs I’ve had it…it’s awesome.

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