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HealthMate IN9438 Velour 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support, Heating with Easy Controller, Color Black, Products by Wagan

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Maximum heating temperature of 114 degrees Fahrenheit.
High/low/off temperature control. Fuse: 8A
Four clips, two rear elastic straps & 4 cinch straps around bottom prevent the cushion from moving
Simply plug into your vehicle’s 12 volt DC outlet, unplug when not in use to avoid battery draining
Universal fit for most cars, trucks, RVs and boats
Foam – Polyurethane

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HealthMate IN9438 Velour 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support, Heating with Easy Controller, Color Black, Products by Wagan

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Soft Velour Heated Seat Cushion

Cozy Warmth

A venerable favorite for years, the Soft Velour Seat features two heat settings, two color options, two secure strapping systems, and two thousand ways you’ll fall in love with it.

Soft Velour

Unlike most cushions in the market, the Soft Velour Heated Seat Cushion has an extremely soft and durable velour covering; it’s so soft and comfortable that you’ll want to sit on it all of the time.


  • High & Low heat Settings
  • Soft Velour Cover
  • Secure Strapping System
  • Safety Fused
  • Easy to Use
  • Compact
  • Folds Flat for Storage
  • 12V DC Powered

heated seat, heated cushion, heating pad, heated chair, warming cushion , pad, cushion, velour

Oasis of Calm

Simply plug in and turn on; within moments you’ll feel the soothing heat emanating from the Cushion.

heated seat, heated cushion, heating pad, heated chair, warming cushion , pad, cushion, velour

Cozy and Soft Velour

Extremely soft and durable velour covering.


Easy to Use Controls

With High and Low heat settings, you’ll find the perfect temperature to keep you toasty warm.

heating pad

Strapping System

Two rear elastic straps & 4 cinch straps around the bottom prevent the cushion from moving.

heated seat, heated cushion, heating pad, heated chair, warming cushion , pad, cushion, velour

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HealthMate IN9438 Black 12V Velour Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support

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1.5 pounds

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1.5 x 18 x 21 inches


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September 3, 2010

10 reviews for HealthMate IN9438 Velour 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support, Heating with Easy Controller, Color Black, Products by Wagan

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    Very soft padding and comfortable without the heat. The power cord comes out of the right side of the pad. (some pictures give the illusion of it coming out of the left) It has a 4 foot cable with High/Off/Low settings. I ran the power cord around the back of the seat pad to bring it to the center of the vehicle. Of course, this made me lose 2 feet of cable. I ordered a dual extension cord so I can plug 2 pads in to one ignition controlled power outlet. (RT-CC221) It does heat up within a couple of minutes and seems to work okay. It will help take the cold edge off of those sub zero North Dakota mornings. I like the fact that you can keep the switch on High and it will turn on with an engine auto starter as long as it is plugged into an ignition controlled power outlet. I ordered 2 for the back 2 passenger seats in our Honda mini van.

  2. blank

    Zachary Hayes

    This was a drunken purchase I made after ranting about people who think they’re so great for having heated seats. The product shipped when expected, just in time for the horrible winter storms we’ve been getting. I no longer have to deal with having a warm front but cold behind while driving. The heat it emits is adequate for my needs. Product works as expected. 5-stars not because it’s the James Cameron’s Titanic of seat warmers, but because it does everything it’s promised and caused me no issues.

  3. blank

    Angela Halpin

    This heats up quickly & is pretty easy to install. I don’t mind how it feels to sit on but my husband doesn’t like it. Only thing that is a negative is that the seat “cover” kind of shifts so you slide a little because it is slippery. But for $20 vs. the $1100 it would take for the dealer to fix my heated seat I would say this was a good solution.

  4. blank


    for the price this thing works awesome. too many of the complaints are just silly. this is the cheapest one available and you are going to complain that it’s not hot enough, it’s too hot, it’s too soft, it’s too hard. whatever. mine works excellent and for the price if I get one winter out of it I will be lucky. or I’ll buy one that costs triple and get something better. those that caught on fire, I am not sure how a 12v fused system would do that but time will tell what happens.

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    Faith M LaRiviere

    I love this heated seat. I travel long distances as part of my job and, quite frankly, in the winter, it is tough without heated seats. I have bought several of these over the last few years so that is a warning that they will not last forever. I find that they last about 3 years which, considering the price, is pretty good. The design for hooking the front of the seat cover to the bar under the actual seat needs more work. I couldn’t figure out the hooks which came with the latest version so I used the old ones which, to be honest, aren’t a great design. I have been known to use paper clips for this. But love the cover and the fact that it does not have an automatic turn off…I go with it on all the way on a 10 hour trip.

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    Meghan Wiant

    I love this! I have always wanted heated car seats, but the car we chose didn’t have it. When I found this AND saw the price, I had to try it. I use this EVERY TIME I drive my car. I like that there are two heat settings (high and low) and how quickly it heats up. The cushion itself blends in perfectly with my black seats and is very comfortable to sit in. I have had back problems for some time and driving does irritate it, but this helps immensely.

  7. blank

    tracy s.

    Best $20 I ever spent! I saw a few unfavorable reviews even before I ordered this but still decided to give it a chance since it did have many good reviews, too. Well…I am LOVING this heated seat cushion! It’s even better than I thought it would be. I only bought it for the heat feature, but the cushioning is really nice, too…not too much, but just enough to make me take notice of how comfortable I am while I’m driving…same goes for the lumbar support….it’s nothing crazy, but again…it’s there & I can definitely feel the support that it offers.

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    Carl Jalal

    Works amazing, but should include the adapter for house/office use. Think about it: it’s actually a $40-$45 chair if you include that ridiculously-priced power adapter.There’s another brand of chair warmer that comes WITH vibration (FIVE STAR FS8812 10-MOTOR VIBRATION MASSAGE SEAT CUSHION WITH HEAT) that I bought for $50, and at least that one came with both the car and house power adapters.So if you’re using for JUST the car, then it’s an reasonable price. But if you’re using it in the office — that adapter’s price is just a plain rip off.Giving this 5 stars anyway just because the chair itself is pretty reasonable.Oh, and forgot to mention a con: I honestly can’t tell the difference between the HI and LOW settings. They’re both pretty much the same warmth. If it gets too hot, you just have to turn it off, because low doesn’t make much of a difference in my opinion.Still gets 5 stars though since I like it and use it at work every day.

  9. blank


    Took the place of my previous inexpensive heated seat that fell apart after ~10 years of use. I think I liked this one even better than the old one. I liked that the heat went up the back of the seat (unlike some models) because I have neck/upper back issues. The only thing my old one had that this one didn’t is a light next to the switch indicating that it was still on. That light was very useful. I’d still have it if I still had my car, but I gave it to a neighbor and now she is enjoying it.

  10. blank


    I’ve been using this on a daily basis for a few months now. Heats up pretty quick, high is very warm and low is usually perfect for me. Bang per buck I don’t see how you can beat it. Even if it didn’t heat up id buy another. It’s comfortable and I hate leather seats (which all my vehicles have), so this was perfect for my use.

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