Best Wash and Wax Car with Carnauba by Fast Wax (4 Pack) with Microfiber Towels and Can Gun Spray Attachment Included

Listed Price: $82.73

  • FW1 FAST WAX Waterless Wash


The Best Wash and Wax Car Formulation

The Best Wash and Wax Car Formulation which has a unique combination of Lubricants and Carnauba wax. Which combine to lift the dirt and grime away from paint, chrome, plastic, glass and the rims on your vehicle and leaves a professional show car finish. Therefore, it cleans and protects almost anything, in seconds. This is the stuff that race professionals and their pit crews use as well as boat and auto detail professionals. A high performance cleaning wax in an aerosol can that requires no water or washing before applying. Clean and wax an average sized vehicle in under 30 minutes. Set includes four cans of FW1 wash and wax with carnauba, two high quality microfiber towels and one can gun spray attachment for easier application.


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