Car Performance Upgrades Are Explosive

Are You Obsessed With Car Performance? Everyone wants better car performance. We all love to dress up our vehicles once the chance permits. There may be differences in priorities such as interiors. Or the usual other things like that of rims, wheels, and even the engine parts. Whatever it may be, it all just boils downRead More

Does Running Your AC Waste Gas

Does Running Your Air Conditioner Burn More Gas? How many times have you heard someone ask does running your ac waste gas? When it gets warm outside, your air conditioner becomes your best friend. This is most definitely true in your car, where temperatures can skyrocket to 170 degrees under direct sunlight. But most peopleRead More

DMV Custom License Plate

Create Your Own DMV Custom License Plate Lately, DMV Custom license plate is one of the coolest items in several areas around the nation, and it is not so hard to see why. Think about it. No matter what model your car is, any other driver on the road has seen hundreds if not thousands ofRead More

X Pipe Design For More Power

The Evolution Of The X-Pipe Design Although X-pipe design is essential for race cars, adding this modification to a stock car can be a good idea for many reasons. Increased power, fuel economy and less noise inside the vehicle. This type of aftermarket performance part is something you can either purchase or have custom-made forRead More

Flex Fuel Vehicles Can Save You Money

Save On Gas With Flex Fuel Vehicles Owning flex fuel vehicles gives motorists options beyond high gas prices at the pump. Depending on the fuel’s availability and local taxes. You could save as much as one third at the pump. By fueling up your car with the E85 blend popular with flex-fuel vehicles. As additional serviceRead More

Best Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

Best Aftermarket Exhaust Systems What is the best aftermarket exhaust for your vehicle? Stock exhaust systems are designed simply to provide a conduit for spent gases to move from your engine to your tailpipe – no more, no less. On the other hand, performance exhaust systems are engineered to maximize your engine’s exhaust flow, givingRead More

Defensive Driving Techniques Could Save Your Life

Defensive Driving Techniques To Ensure Your Safety Consider yourself a safe driver? No need to take defensive driving classes right? If you’ve never had a traffic accident, you probably are a reasonably safe driver. However, traffic accidents are becoming more common every day. And are often not the fault of the victims who are badlyRead More

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