10 Best Sites to Buy and Sell Your Car Online


A car can be an expensive possession for you and your family. Sometimes it feels like it’s an additional family member. You need to feed it, maintain it, buy it additional stuff or just replace the old, just like you’d do with someone you love. And you do love your car, don’t you? What if you’ve seen another one in the store, and it looks everything like yours, but better. Just like you would not cheat on your loved one, we’d recommend waving it an honorable goodbye. In that case, take a look at our list of 10 best sites to buy and sell your car online:

1. Cars.com

This probably seems like an obvious choice, and I’m in the same boat – I would type this address first when searching for a car. Let me tell you, you won’t be disappointed. This website offers an option to both buy and sell your car. No car is too old – you can filter the search to start with the oldest models! That way, if you’re a lover of old-school cars like Pontiacs or Buicks, you’re in for a surprise. The best feature of Cars.com is how massive the user base is, so you’ll find your dream car easily. And if the price isn’t right – just talk to another seller!

2. eBay Motors

From the king of auctions, eBay comes a part of the website dedicated to vehicles. It is specifically designed to fulfill your every need, and fast. To the left, you have a wide variety of options for cars, spare parts, selling hubs nearby. If you’re saving up some money, or already got some on the side, do not rush. Check eBay Motors’ Daily Deals or some of the Sales & Events, so you can be at the right place at the right time.

3. Craigslist

You must’ve heard of Craigslist by now, but maybe not when it comes to cars. The website has started back in 1995, it’s very simple in design, but it offers a ton of possibilities. The main goal of the website is to provide an area where users can post advertisements for houses, supplies, cars, or offer a job. As you can see, cars fall into the category, and there are almost countless to choose from. It is reported the website had over 20 billion views per month at the beginning of 2017, and your dream car just might show up. Why not go and give it a shot?

4. AutoTempest

AutoTempest is definitely near the top of the best sites to buy and sell your car online. Moreover, this one of the to-go options if you’re looking to buy and sell a used car. The website will welcome you with a pretty simple screen that contains a search bar with some drop-down menus to help you narrow it. It links together all the common websites like Craigslist, CarsDirect, eBay Motors, and helps you find the best deal. And not only the best, also the closest seller to you. All you have to do is enter your ZIP code in the search, and the magic starts.

5. RelayCars

RelayCars isn’t a traditional buy-or-sell website, at least not yet. But we just couldn’t resist to mention it because it possesses a really unique feature. It is a Virtual Reality (VR) automotive experience, which will blow your mind. You’ll be put in the driver’s seat of hundreds of vehicles, able to look around and seemingly touch. A full 360 degrees stereoscopic 3D experience of your lifetime, let us tell you! And what better way to decide on your dream car than to see every tiny bit of it? Take a look before you meet with the seller at your home, and come prepared.

6. CarsDirect

CarsDirect provides the best and easiest way to find yourself a new car. Now, new can both mean just produced, or new as in new to you. Regardless, you’ll feel the rush of excitement when you finally get to drive it. If you’re unsure where to start, take a look at their blog page first. Their experts write on all things car, like types of fuel, prices, whether to go for a hybrid or not, etc. Also, if you’re in a bad financial situation, they offer some credits that might help you pay it off in a longer period of time

7. AutoTrader

This one feels just like AutoTempest, with very simple, easy-to-follow instructions. You get a search bar and drop-down menus to help you narrow your adventure to only the cars you want and need. You can buy a new one, or sell your own car pretty easily, the process is explained completely. Before you go and do that, give their Car Research posts a look, they explain a whole lot. You can find local dealers too, or use their fuel calculators, car values, monthly payment calculators. It’s in your best interest to use whatever you can, you’ll be thankful in the future.

8. TrueCar

We kind of feel bad for listing this one all the way down, because it’s one of the 10 best sites to buy and sell your car online, if not the best. TrueCar will not only save your money but save you from looking like a fool. This one is dedicated to having extremely satisfied customers. They will achieve that by giving you a complete list of people that paid for the same model you’re seeking. Their experts will also notify you of what the fair price is, and you’ll quickly realize some of the people overpaid! But remember for a second, you could’ve been among them if you haven’t discovered TrueCar.

9. AutoList

As the name suggests, AutoList presents you a huge list of automobiles to look at, and if you like them, buy them. It caters to your every need, whether you’re in love with cabriolet, SUV, or a trust. Maybe you need a minivan for your growing family? Doesn’t matter, you’ll find everything accordingly. What sets this one apart from the competitions is an extremely well designed mobile app. You can stay in touch wherever you are, whichever device you’re using. The AutoList app is available for both Android and iOS, so give it a good at your earliest convenience.

10. Vroom

We have arrived at the end of our 10 best sites to buy and sell your car online. Are you in love with fast cars and fast delivery? That’s exactly what you’re getting! This is the best situation possible when it comes to selling – and that is cutting out the middleman. Although in most countries going through a dealer franchise to sell a new car is a must, Vroom found a workaround. And boy, are we happy they did. They do it by selling a used car (some don’t even have more than just a few miles) through the Internet. You pick a model, and they deliver it in under 48 hours. You have a week or 250 miles to test it out and make sure it is the car of your wildest dreams.


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